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A powerful arcade game machine supplier to help build an attractive game center

Our company has been governing a huge empire on arcade game’s soil and gained a good reputation among our customers. Our goal is to provide all kinds of arcade games machines for those indoor playgrounds. Actually, we have accelerated several years of experiences in manufacturing arcade game machines. Till now, we have manufactured more than 8,000 sets of arcade machines for our customers from all over the world. In addition to large volumes, we still concentrate on combining a solid quality with our products. Due to our efforts, we have become a leading company in this industry.

In the past time, our company has built many factories in GuangDong, ZheJiang province, China. The total occupation of all our factories approximately goes up to 8,000 square meters. In this large working space, we can make more than 1400 kinds of commercial arcade game machine at the current time. Scrolling down our online product catalog, you will find pinballs machine, table football machine, racing game machine, pool tables machine and so many arcade machines as well. Those machines cater to people of different ages based on their specific design. For example, our mechanical games are considered fairly suitable for those small children. As we all know, dolls can always inspire young girl’s interests in an unexplainable way. So, we particularly made the claw machine for them to catch the doll through a mechanic claw.

Over the past few years, we have won many important business awards, which are showed on our presentation hall. Most of these awards are for quality of our products while others may be related to creativity. So, you can also see our strong capability in maintaining a high quality from these praising. In addition to that, we have also got admission from those international media broadcasts like CNN, MSNBC, and BBC. This can also prove in another way that we have required capability to produce various kinds of high-quality arcade game machines.

Aside from manufacturing, we can also provide service design and planning for those business premises like family entertainment centers or indoor amusement parks. Based on the theme of your park, we can pick out those corresponding types of machine to make your park more attractive in one aspect. At the same time, we will also take your park size into consideration so that we can manage to take a full use of your limited indoor play area. If you want to make your arcade game center a money-making place, you have to spend some time on these two steps.

Wherever you are going to open your indoor arcade game center, you can always find the appropriate equipment in our product catalogs. We can promise you a high-quality, along with a reasonable price.